Vegan Desi: West Indian and South Asian Recipes


Desi Vegan: historical and indigenous plantbased recipes from a West Indian and South Asian perspective for beginners and seasoned cooks.


Vegan & PLantBased EnthusiasTS, HErstories for us

Whether you’ve just started your journey of eating more sustainably by switching to becoming more plantbased or if you’re a seasoned cook.  Bring a karahi (pot) and lets cook! We’re learning the roots and history of flavors that span vegan Desi recipes across the globe..

These recipes love to make your favorite vegetables the star in a medley of spices that span South Asian and West Indian flavors – from Nepal to Guyana.

As I started this journey as a PCOS survivor. Looking to reconnect with indigenous recipes that focus on glutenfree, vegan, and alkaline leaning food. Food is medicine and medicine can be accessible and delicious.

I hope getting to know food through its healing properties and histories helps you create a deeper connection too!


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