Get to know us!

We’re so excited to tell stories that feel familiar, histories that we can reflect on together, and interpretations we make for ourselves. This project hopes to create conversations around decolonizing what it means to be Desi. Its time to embrace the messiness of intersectionality.

Stories of resilience, stories of finding one another, and stories for a world we make sustainable by unearthing our relationships with food that make us a collective. Growing up in America with roots being West Indian and South Asian, being ‘Indian’ wasn’t enough. It was a time where multiplicity was still becoming understood and so we termed it ‘Desi’. Rooting recipes and queering karahis. 

Every fragment of my identity becomes whole when I cook.

As indigenous people, as a Santali, we can feel the impacts of being separated from the process of our food. My journey has become intertwined in ancestral foods while understanding that food sovereignty be led by indigenous elders where you are. These recipes come from elders from the communities I’ve been blessed to spend my time with and as knowledge goes, pass on to you. Each seed tells us a story and each meal is a series of choices that we live through. 

What we have come to eat is such a deep truth of our circumstances and whats been passed down to us in its rawest ingredients. In our cooking, we choose to carry its memories and memoirs. As we step into new family dynamics, recovering generational survival in community, and daring to be our ancestors wildest dreams.

We would love to see your creations and what you’ve learned! And if you’re looking to vent about those #diasporicfeels, we’d love that too! Tag us at #currystories